About Thincen Can You Use the Contouring Palette as Eyeshadow? user manual | Thincen

June 18, 2024

their potential as eyeshadow. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the numerous ways a contouring palette can be used to enhance your eye makeup, providing tips, techniques, and expert advice to elevate your beauty routine.

About Thincen Can You Use the Contouring Palette as Eyeshadow? user manual | Thincen
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The Versatility of Contouring Palettes

Contouring palettes typically consist of various shades of creams or powders designed to create shadows and highlights on the face. These shades often range from deep browns and taupes to lighter, more luminescent colors. This variety makes them perfectly suited for eye makeup applications, allowing for a cohesive and streamlined look that ties your facial contouring with your eyeshadow seamlessly.

Ingredients and Texture: Ideal for Eyeshadow

Contouring products are formulated to blend easily and stay in place for long periods, which is exactly what we desire in an eyeshadow. The matte and satin finishes of contouring powders provide excellent coverage and blendability, ensuring your eye makeup looks polished and professional. Additionally, the cream contours are perfect for a base eyeshadow or an eye primer, creating a smooth canvas for further application.

Creating Eye Looks with Contour Palettes

Neutral Everyday Look

To achieve a neutral, everyday eye look using a contouring palette, follow these steps:

  1. Prime the Eyelids: Use a light, matte contour shade or a cream contour to prime your lids. This step neutralizes any discoloration and prepares the skin for additional layers.

  2. Transition Shade: Apply a medium-toned brown from your palette into the crease of your eye. This serves as your transition shade, helping to blend other colors seamlessly.

  3. Define the Crease: Use a deeper contour shade to define the crease further. This adds depth and dimension to your eye, creating a natural shadow.

  4. Highlight: For the inner corners and brow bone, use the lightest shade from your palette to highlight these areas, giving your eyes a bright, awake appearance.

  5. Lid Color: Apply a medium or light shade on the lid, depending on the look you are going for. Matte or slightly satin finishes from the contour palette will work beautifully here.

  6. Blend: Ensure all shades are blended well to avoid harsh lines.

Contouring Palette as Eyeshadow

Smoky Eye Look

For a smoky eye using a contour palette:

  1. Base and Prime: Begin by applying a creamy contour shade over the entire eyelid as a base.

  2. Transition and Depth: Use a medium brown in the crease as a transition shade.

  3. Build the Smoke: Layer a dark brown or even black contour shade on the outer corner and blend into the crease. Gradually build up the intensity to achieve the desired smokiness.

  4. Lid Focus: Apply a medium to dark contour shade on the lid, blending into the crease color for a seamless gradient.

  5. Highlight: Use a lighter contour shade to highlight the inner corners and brow bone.

  6. Lower Lash Line: Smudge a dark contour shade along the lower lash line for added drama.

Cut Crease Look

For a cut crease look:

  1. Prime: Start with a light contour cream to prime the lids.

  2. Transition: Apply a medium brown to the crease and blend upwards.

  3. Define Crease: Use a dark contour shade to define the crease, ensuring to blend it well.

  4. Cut the Crease: With a light cream contour, "cut" the crease by applying it on the lid up to the crease line, creating a stark contrast.

  5. Lid Color: Apply a light or shimmer contour shade on the lid.

  6. Blend: Make sure the transition between the cut crease and other shades is smooth.

Why Use Contouring Palettes for Eyeshadow?

Consistency and Cohesion

Using the same palette for contouring and eyeshadow ensures a harmonious color scheme throughout your makeup look. The shades in contour palettes are designed to complement each other, providing a balanced and aesthetically pleasing finish.


One of the significant advantages is the convenience. A single contour palette can replace multiple products, making it a perfect travel companion. This efficiency minimizes the number of items you need to carry while still allowing for a complete makeup look.


Investing in a high-quality contour palette can be more cost-effective than purchasing multiple eyeshadows. You get a range of colors suitable for both contouring and eye makeup, maximizing your budget.

Professional Results

The finely milled powders and high-quality creams in contour palettes are often comparable to those found in professional eyeshadow palettes. This quality ensures professional results, with makeup that blends effortlessly and lasts throughout the day.

Tips for Using Contouring Palettes as Eyeshadow

Use the Right Brushes

Different brushes serve different purposes. Use a fluffy brush for blending, a flat brush for packing color onto the lid, and a small, precise brush for detailed work like the lower lash line or inner corner highlights.

Blend Well

Blending is crucial to avoid harsh lines and achieve a seamless look. Always blend the edges of each color applied to create a gradient effect.

Layer for Intensity

For more intense color payoff, layer the contour shades. Start with a light hand and build up the color gradually. This approach gives you control over the intensity and ensures a smoother finish.

Set Creams with Powders

If you are using cream contours as eyeshadows, set them with a corresponding powder from the palette. This step will lock the cream in place and prevent creasing.

Experiment with Finishes

Don’t be afraid to mix matte and satin finishes. Matte shades are perfect for crease and transition colors, while satin finishes can add a subtle sheen to the lids and brow bone.


Incorporating your contouring palette into your eye makeup routine is a savvy way to streamline your beauty regimen while achieving versatile, polished looks. The range of shades and textures found in contour palettes offers endless possibilities for creating stunning eye makeup, from subtle daytime looks to dramatic evening styles. By utilizing this multipurpose product, you not only save space and money but also ensure a cohesive and professional finish to your makeup.

Embrace the versatility of your contouring palette and explore the myriad ways it can enhance your eyeshadow game. The results are bound to be nothing short of spectacular.


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