The Master’s Top Secret Makeup Tips

November 21, 2023

Before applying makeup, consider the lighting conditions.

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Masterful Secret Makeup Techniques: 

Before applying makeup, consider the lighting conditions. In the intense light of summer or outdoor settings, opt for a radiant and translucent look with soft, colorful attire. Choose a crystal-clear, glossy lipstick for a radiant effect. In indoor, normal lighting, a rosy lipstick brings out a subtly luminous satin finish. Skin tone plays a crucial role. Avoid silver-toned pink if your skin leans towards yellow; opt for light red to enhance paleness and pink lipstick for a healthy effect suitable for most skin tones. Fair skin benefits from powdery lipsticks, while a vibrant, shiny red expresses enthusiasm for a healthy, bronzed complexion.

Attire matters: 

Vibrant clothing calls for subtle makeup, while black, white, and gray outfits complement any makeup color.

Lip Liner Techniques: 

Chanel, the pioneer in lip liner pencils with attached brushes, suggests outlining the lips by marking the center points and connecting the lines to the corners for a defined lip shape.

To prevent lip makeup from becoming oily, rub an ice pack on your lips before applying lipstick. Apply a touch of powder on your lips before lipstick for a rosy finish. Use a lip liner to prevent color bleeding, and blot the top layer of lipstick with tissue before applying another layer.

Folded Makeup Techniques:

1. Seamless Foundation:

Applying foundation that adheres closely to the skin enhances the perfection of vibrant makeup. Place a slightly damp makeup sponge in the refrigerator for a few minutes, then pat the cool sponge on the foundation-covered skin for a refreshing feel and a fresh makeup look.


2. Cooling Eye Drops: 

Combat tired and bloodshot eyes caused by alcohol or lack of sleep with soothing eye drops. Apply one or two drops to alleviate redness and soothe irritated blood vessels, ensuring not to overuse.

3.Effective Brow Powder: 

For natural and soft eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil on your arm, then apply the color with an eyebrow brush for a more refined makeup effect.

4.Cold Towel for Puffy Eyes:

Reduce puffiness around the eyes by alternating between cold and hot towels for over 10 minutes. Finish with a cold towel to revitalize tired eyes.

5.Precise Eyeliner

To draw precise eyeliners, place a small mirror on the table, rest your elbow on a stable surface, and look down into the mirror.

6.White Eyeliner Pencil: 

Emphasize your eyes by using a white eyeliner pencil on the lower lash line, creating a larger and more vibrant eye appearance.

7.Moisturizing Mist: 

After completing your makeup, spray moisturizing mist on your face from a distance for long-lasting results.

Points to Note:

1. Keep makeup tools clean using a mild shampoo for brushes. Warm water with a small amount of conditioner can soften brush bristles. Dilute cleanser with warm water for old brushes.

2. Eyeglasses affect makeup appearance. For farsightedness, choose slightly darker eye colors, while for nearsightedness, opt for bright colors. Clearly defined eyeshadow and precise eyebrow shapes enhance facial features.

15 Tips for Expert Makeup Folding:

1. Focus on Eyelashes: After applying mascara, add an extra layer to the outer corner for elongated lashes and a more enchanting look.

2. Extend Mascara Life: When mascara appears dry or almost empty, soak the closed tube in warm water (not boiling) for a few minutes to liquefy the mascara inside.

3. Define Boundaries: To prevent lipstick from bleeding, outline the lips with a concealer matching your skin tone. Blend with a cotton swab or apply translucent powder around the lips.

4. Warm the Pencil Tip: Before using a lip liner, heat the tip by holding it between your thumb and forefinger for a few seconds. The warmth makes the lip liner smoother and easier to apply.

5. Preserve Lip Color: Apply a soft pink or rosy lipstick, then top it with a layer of clear lip gloss. When the outer layer wears off, the inner lip color remains intact.

6. Mirror Caution: When applying foundation, use a regular mirror rather than one with magnification to avoid overapplication due to distortion.

7. Lively Eyes: To brighten dull eyelids, apply foundation below the creases on the upper eyelids and highlight the inner corners of the eyes.

8. Avoid Waste: Liquid foundation and cream can transform into powders. Don't waste the residue on the cap; it remains usable even when dried.

9. Choose a Shade: If unsure between two shades of foundation, opt for the slightly darker one. Setting powder applied during makeup will lighten the complexion, providing a natural look.

10. Correct Mistakes: Gently tap the area where makeup is applied in excess with a clean, dry cotton pad to remove excess foundation or blush without smudging the makeup.

11. Super Eyeliner: Achieve a longer-lasting eyeliner effect by wetting the eyeliner brush and dipping it into eyeshadow powder. Apply the powder along the upper lash line.

12. Prevent Infections: If you must line the inner eye (inside the eyelid), use an eyeliner pencil instead of liquid liner, as the latter is more prone to bacterial growth. Sharpen the pencil before each use to reduce infection risks.

13. Remove Smoky Makeup: Smoky makeup can be challenging to remove. Wipe the eyes with a cotton swab soaked in moisturizer before using makeup remover for thorough cleansing.

14. Adjust Blush: If you accidentally apply too much blush, use translucent powder or gently pat with a cotton ball to correct it. Avoid using makeup remover oil, as it may smudge the makeup, and tissue may leave debris.

15. Be an Artist: Brushes from art supply stores work well for makeup and are often more convenient than high-end makeup brushes. Small eyeshadow palettes with various colors provide opportunities for experimentation.

Makeup Tips:

1. Use a cotton pad on the middle finger for applying toner and moisturizer. Gently wipe in the direction of the arrow after moistening with toner and lotion, wiping both sides.

2. Makeup cotton: Different processes for makeup cotton have different sterilization effects. Cost-effective makeup cotton is not only clean but also free of lint.

3. Lip Brush: A good lip brush helps create more stylish lips. When choosing a lip brush, start with the bristles. Hold the bristles at the front with two fingers. If they are full and elastic, it is a good lip brush.

Tips: When applying lipstick, start from the lower lip. Within the outlined lip line, spread evenly from the inside out. After finishing the lower lip, apply the upper lip in the same way.

4. Powder Brush: After applying liquid foundation, use a large, round powder brush to evenly sweep loose powder over the face. You can also use a powder puff to dab on loose powder and then use a brush to sweep away excess powder. Large round brushes with soft and fluffy bristles are suitable for evenly applying loose powder to the entire face, making it easy to apply makeup.

Tips: What if there is too much powder? Brushing from top to bottom with a powder brush can remove excess powder from the face.

5. Eyelash Curler: Choose an eyelash curler that suits the curvature and length of your eyelids. An inappropriate eyelash curler can damage the eyelids and eyelashes.

Tips: Master the technique of using an eyelash curler to avoid improper use that may cause eyelash loss. When using an eyelash curler, open your eyes, lift up, and apply force at the roots, middle, and tips of the eyelashes. At the end of the eyes, the clip should be slightly slanted and curled outward. This can make the eyelashes naturally curl upward. Applying force only at the roots of the eyelashes is incorrect, as it will make the eyelashes unnaturally upward.


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