The difference between eye gel pencil and eyeliner

December 06, 2022
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The difference between an eyeliner pencil and an eyeliner pencil is that the results are different. The eyeliner pencil draws a thicker eyeliner, while the eyeliner pencil draws a thinner eyeliner.

The shape of an eyeliner pencil is very similar to an eyebrow pencil, and it is easy to use. The tip of an eyeliner pencil is thicker, and the eyeliner drawn is thicker, but the eyeliner drawn is natural and very suitable for daily makeup, and the eyeliner pencil is very soft and the color is very visible. It is especially friendly to beginners, and it is easy to modify if you make a mistake, just wipe it off with a cotton swab. The colors of the eye gel pen are very rich, from light to dark, from bright to dark, everything is available, and the eye gel pen can not only draw eyeliner, but also be used as eye shadow and lip liner. However, the pencil of the eye gel pen is too soft, easy to break during use, and the eye gel pen is often used, the pencil tip wear is relatively large, you need to sharpen it from time to time.

Life often uses eyeliner pen, eyeliner pen for girls who like makeup is very convenient, often draw eyeliner girls with eyeliner pen can be formed in one go, and eyeliner pen dry quickly, but also not easy to take off makeup, eyeliner pen tip is very fine, can create a very good-looking eyeliner, eyeliner pen color is also relatively dark, can obviously enlarge the eyes.


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