Eye shadow palette manufacturer's top picks

December 15, 2022
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The texture of eye shadow is usually liquid eye shadow, cream eye shadow, powder eye shadow, novelty mashed potato eye shadow, etc. Everyone says that eye makeup is the focus of the whole makeup, in fact, once the eyeshadow becomes good, the overall makeup also looks good. And because the use of different textures of eye shadow, the effect of the makeup presented will be different, do you know which eye shadow textures are more common?

① Liquid eyeshadow: Liquid eyeshadow has strong wetness and malleability, which is its advantage compared to other eyeshadow textures. It spreads in one swipe, and the makeup is simple and light, with a certain shine and strong staying power. However, since it is a liquid, it is not easy to control and is not recommended for novices, after all, it is not easy to get started.

② cream eyeshadow: cream eyeshadow texture is also relatively smooth, but not as moist as liquid eyeshadow, between liquid and powder it also has a good malleability, it is actually not suitable for newcomers to use, because the smudging effect is too strong, the application of the effect is very poor, it is likely to accidentally put the whole makeup spent.

③ powder eyeshadow: this is also our usual common eyeshadow, its bad feature is easy to fly powder, but it is very suitable for newcomers, either with fingers or with a brush can be on, and can be stacked, so in life the powder eyeshadow sales are large.

④Potato mash eyeshadow: Potato mash eyeshadow is an eyeshadow that has only caught fire in recent years, between foundation and cream, suitable for newcomers, but not too powdery. It is called mashed potato eyeshadow because it has a texture like mashed potato, which is a good texture for eyeshadow.


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