How to Be More Confident With Makeup While Learning and Practicing

January 04, 2023

Now if you want to learn cooking, makeup, and other skills; you can go to social platforms to search for video teaching, which is easy to learn. Looking at makeup is comparable to plastic surgery, and it is another person with makeup on. Imagine the magical effect when you learn to apply makeup.

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So, I followed a couple of beauty experts. As a zero-based beginner. The topic I'm most interested in is makeup video tutorials for beginners. Based on their recommendations, I bought the cosmetics I needed. Every step in the video looks easy. For us beginners, it should be possible to try. Summarize the basic process of makeup that I have learned,

Step 1: For base makeup, apply the isolation cream, then the foundation. I have no problem with these. Since I am not good at concealing blemishes, I chose a foundation with good covering power and applied it lightly with a beauty sponge.

Step 2: To fix the makeup, use a brush or puff to take the loose powder and gently press it on the face, but I can't judge whether this step has the effect of fixing the makeup.

Step 3: Eyebrows, in fact, eyebrows are essential in the whole makeup, because my eyebrows are relatively sparse, and drawing eyebrows is really a test of skill, in order to save time and effort, I can only do semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing; you can use existing eyebrow pencils according to your needs The shape of the eyebrows will blur the outline.

Step 4: Eye makeup, the teacher explained very clearly, what brush to use to apply what color to which part, then curl the eyelashes, apply mascara, and finally draw eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes, the eyes instantly become bigger, and more beautiful. But every time I finish applying eyeshadow, I feel alone. I don't see a difference after the eye makeup is done. I often accidentally get other parts when I draw eyeliner and mascara. The handicapped party is really helpless. Eye makeup is a waste of time.

Step Five: Blush. It used to be said that when the apple face smiles, you need to blush, but now it is said that the position of the apple face is relatively low when the face is not smiling, and it will make the face droop instead.

Step 6: Shadows and highlights, the strength of this hand is not well controlled, how do cover the tear groove and bags under the eyes?

                   After the above steps are done, I need 20 to 30 minutes alone, but when I look in the mirror, except for the big white on my face and the color of lipstick and blush, other makeup basically has no effect, and the change I want has not been realized. I find that the beauty bloggers in the videos generally look younger and have more makeup experience. Makeup should be a bit like heavy makeup in everyday life. Some makeup looks just aren't right for my age, and I don't have that much time for makeup in the morning. Let go of those beautiful fantasies. Now, before I head out the door, I put on foundation, blush, and a tinted lip balm. Simple and time-saving is enough for me. Although I still have some regrets, the other makeup products I bought can only lie quietly in the drawer. Maybe I didn't practice enough. In short, you have to practice with confidence every time, but you are defeated by the results repeatedly.


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