The whole process of lipstick-making is open! It's not as simple as you think

February 22, 2023

In today's society, lipstick is a must-have cosmetic for female friends. It can make lips more vivid, moisturized, and fashionable, making women more charming. But do you know how lipstick is made? In fact, the production process of lipstick needs to go through many complicated steps and processes before it can become an exquisite work of art in our hands. Let us uncover the mystery of lipstick together!

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First of all, we need to understand the main ingredients of lipstick. Generally speaking, lipstick is composed of three parts: pigment, oil, and wax. The pigment is an essential factor in determining the color of lipstick. It can be a natural plant color, or a synthetic organic or inorganic color. Fat is what keeps your lipstick luscious and shiny. It can be animal, vegetable, or mineral oil. Wax is the material that gives lipstick its shape and stability. The common ones are beeswax, lanolin, palm wax, and so on.

Next, let's take a look at the lipstick-making process. Generally divided into the following steps:

1. Mixed toner: According to different color requirements, different proportions and types of pigments are mixed together to make uniform and fine toner.

2. Melting fat: Put the required fat into a heating container and heat it to an appropriate temperature (about 70-80°C) to completely dissolve it.

3. Add toner: gradually add the adjusted toner into the oil, and stir quickly with a mixer.

4. Add wax: Put the required wax into another heating container, heat it to an appropriate temperature (about 80-90°C), dissolve it completely, and mix it with the liquid mixed in the previous step.

5. Filling mold: Pour the mixed liquid into the pre-prepared and sterilized hollow tube mold, cool, and solidify with cooling water.

6. Assemble the casing: Take out the cured and flattened pipe from the mold, put it into the case, and check whether it is intact.

7. Packing and labeling: Pack the assembled clean lipsticks and attach labels and instructions.

In the end, the seemingly simple words to express the process of making lipstick actually require the perfect cooperation of a lipstick manufacturer with a set of advanced production equipment and engineers to produce our favorite lipstick through continuous testing and improvement.


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