How to create a private label eyeliner collection?

March 30, 2023

Eyeliner is an essential makeup product for many women. It enhances the contours of the eyes and makes them more vibrant. However, the eyeliner products available in the market lack individuality and creativity. If you want to have your unique eyeliner collection, you can consider creating a private label eyeliner.

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Private label refers to customized products and packaging provided by manufacturers according to customers' requirements. Customers can use their brand names and logos on the products. Private label eyeliner is a customized eyeliner product and packaging provided by professional cosmetics manufacturers. You can use your brand name and logo on the eyeliner, creating your unique eyeliner collection.

So, how to create a private label eyeliner collection? Here are some steps and precautions:

Determine your target market and customers. You need to know which consumers your private label eyeliner collection targets, including their age, gender, preferences, and demands. Your eyeliner collection should meet their needs, have distinct characteristics and advantages, and stand out from competitors.

Choose a suitable cosmetics manufacturer. You need to find an experienced, reputable, quality-assured, innovative, reasonably-priced, and well-serviced cosmetics manufacturer and establish long-term cooperative relationships. You can search for a suitable cosmetics manufacturer through network searches, attending exhibitions, consulting industry experts, etc.

Design your eyeliner product and packaging. Based on your target market and customers, brand positioning, and style, you need to design an eyeliner product and packaging that meets your requirements. You can refer to popular or unique eyeliner products and packaging in the market, or design them based on your creativity. You need to consider the eyeliner product's color, texture, durability, waterproofing, and ease of removal, as well as the packaging's shape, size, material, color, pattern, text, and other elements. You also need to design your brand name and logo and print them on the eyeliner product and packaging.

Test your eyeliner product and packaging. Before formally entering production, you need to test whether your eyeliner product and packaging meet your expectations, whether they are safe and non-irritating, suitable for different skin tones and occasions, attractive to consumers, and reflect your brand image. You can invite some target customers or professionals to try your eyeliner product and packaging, collect their feedback, and make necessary adjustments according to the opinions.

Produce and sell your eyeliner collection. After passing the test, you can sign a contract with the cosmetics manufacturer, determine the production quantity, price, delivery time, and other details, and pay the deposit or full payment. After the cosmetics manufacturer delivers the products, you can start promoting your private label eyeliner collection. You can promote it through various channels, such as social media, online platforms, blogs, videos, magazines, etc. You can use some marketing tactics, such as coupons, gifts, samples, etc., to attract consumers' interest and purchase desire.

Creating a private label eyeliner pen collection not only allows you to have your brand image but also allows your customers to feel your professionalism and creativity. However, creating a private label eyeliner pen collection requires you to invest time, energy, and funds and maintain good communication and cooperation with cosmetics manufacturers. Therefore, we suggest that you carefully consider before creating a private label eyeliner collection.


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