Why doesn't your makeup look as radiant as your best friend's? Glittering eyeliner is the key

September 17, 2022

Eyeliner is a must if you want your eyes to stand out. Glitter eyeliner can accentuate your eyes while making them look bigger, livelier, and more eye-catching. Glitter eyeliners come in all shapes and designs at beauty stores. Knowing which eyeliner to use for your unique look can be difficult. However, these eyeliners are pleasing to the eye in any evening look, and you can use them to enhance winged eyeliner or use them to tighten the innermost corners of your eyes for a shimmery look. Here's a guide that will provide essential information on the best glitter eyeliners to buy in 2022.

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What are the different types of glitter eyeliners?


Pencil-type glitter eyeliners are probably the most famous and the easiest to learn. While many eyeliners must be sharpened like a regular pencil, some will spin up to make sure you always have a sharp point to work with. Eyeliners are especially good for natural or modest effects, but depending on the pencil and your technique, you may also get intense, smoky, or spectacular effects.


If you want to do a bold winged eyeliner, this is the glitter eyeliner for you. Most liquid glitter eyeliners come in a container with a small brush tool. Liquid glitter eyeliners can be seriously difficult to apply. If your hands are shaky or you're just starting with this shiny look, it's easy to smudge, blur, or create irregular lines. However, with skill, you can create accurate, bold, indestructible lines with liquid glitter eyeliner.


Glitter eyeliners fall somewhere between the comfort of glitter eyeliners and the style of liquid glitter eyeliners. These look like fine-tipped pens and similarly draw the eyelid. Pen glitter eyeliners, like markers, have a felt tip or brush edge. While this glitter eyeliner has a learning experience, it is not as challenging as liquid glitter eyeliners. Glitter eyeliners come in a variety of vibrant shades, as well as neutrals and charcoal, allowing you to create bold and modest effects.


Gel glitter eyeliners are a relatively new type of eyeliner. Gel glitter eyeliners are usually packaged in a small container and applied using a curved eyeliner brush, while other eyeliners are comparable to glitter eyeliners. Gels are applied in the same way as liquids, although they are easier to handle because they are denser. They are also easier to apply soon after application if that is the beauty you are looking for. However, after the gel shiny eyeliner dries, it is very resistant to smudging.

What factors should you consider when buying a glitter eyeliner?

Easy glide formula

Since it is thicker than other liquid eyeliners, it may be difficult to apply glitter evenly. The key is to choose a formula that has all the shine you want while still having enough moisturizer to allow it to spread evenly.


Like many other aspects of makeup, the most attractive items are not only fabulous exteriors, but they are especially good for you. An icy silver eyeliner may look unnatural on warm skin, but only a dazzling rose gold eyeliner looks like you were meant to apply it. When choosing a glitter eyeliner, consider your skin tone.

Raw Materials

Liquid eyeliners may be gentler on the eyes than pencils because they don't require as much tension. If the skin around your eyes is delicate, look for a moisturizing, calming solution that provides moisture without causing discomfort.


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