How to use eyeshadow palette for makeup beginners?

October 20, 2022

For makeup beginners, the hardest part is how to use the eyeshadow palette. There are so many colors in the eyeshadow palette, I don't know which color to use first and which color block to use in which step. The next part will cover a little bit about using eyeshadow palette colors so that beginners can learn makeup quickly.

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More makeup beginners will choose eyeshadow palettes with less than four colors, so that they don't have to worry about color matching. Of course, as a senior beautician, you generally like to choose a multi-color eyeshadow palette, after all, it is more practical. A practical eyeshadow palette needs to have 4 shades: nude, highlight, light and dark. Here are the basics a newbie needs to know.

【Nude】is the base color of eye shadow.

Nude is the base color in the eyeshadow palette and is used to render large areas of the eyelid, often similar to skin tones. The base color is used to base the eyelids and is the color used at the beginning of the eyeshadow making process! The base color, skin color, natural color, etc., the main function is to set makeup and brighten. It can be applied from the top of the eye to the socket and then to the end of the eye to bring the color around the eye together. When using an eyeshadow palette for the first time, the eyeshadow closest to your skin tone is the base shade!

【Highlight color】

If you want your eye makeup to look layered, you can't skip the highlight color, which is the key to creating an eye structure. Eyeshadow highlights are usually light shades such as beige, light champagne, ivory, etc. The lightest and lightest are usually highlights! Highlight color refers to the color used on the eyes. The highlight color is the color used on the eyes. Highlighter shades are often used on inner corners, lower corners, and brow bones. It brightens up the entire eye look. Used on the head of the eye, it can expand the inner corner of the eye, elongate the shape of the eye, and expand the eyeball.

【Bright color】

The light color in the eyeshadow palette is the most special and attractive color, and it is also the theme color that best represents the entire eyeshadow palette. Eyeshadow highlights don't have a fixed color, though, and are mostly bright, colorful, and lustrous eyeshadows. The highlight color is generally used just above the pupil, in the middle of the eyelid, and then blurred to the end of the eye to make the color transition natural. Eye shadow highlights can make eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

[Increase eye end color]

Makeup lovers know that eye makeup is layered, gradually becoming lighter from the end of the eye to the tip of the eye, and gradually darker from the contour line to the inner eyeliner. Therefore, the color used for the end of the eye should be darker than the color of the pupil and head. Commonly used colors for the ends of the eyes are dark brown, gray, blue and brown. It can also be used in place of eyeliner, applied to the root of eyelashes, softer and more natural than eyeliner, it is the best choice for nude makeup. The darkest color in the eyeshadow palette can be used as the dark color at the end of the eye! Beginners, remember!





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