How to design your own brand of lipstick packaging.

November 03, 2022

Lipstick is every woman's favorite and comes in various colors, various packaging and various brands. In order to make a unique impression of lipstick products in consumers' mind, the uniqueness of lipstick packaging design is very important ...... So in this article, we will introduce the principles and tips of lipstick packaging design.

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Lipstick packaging design principles.

1. Lipstick case with lipstick. Just like women have thousands of styles, different lipsticks should also have matching boxes. Flamboyant women like bold red lipsticks, so red lipsticks can be paired with a red-based box. For passionate women, custom lipsticks should choose lipstick boxes with an atmospheric look. 2.

2. Match the lipstick box with the brand style. Different lipstick colors have different styles, including business and personal. Lipsticks can be positioned in different styles, such as hot, mature, elegant, fresh, subtle, etc. With the emphasis on brand marketing today, lipstick packaging should also focus on cultural output and output the brand connotation contained in the lipstick.

3. lipstick packaging boxes with emotional associations. Lipstick packaging boxes with ulterior motives should be customized packaging. If you want to express your love to your lover, you can express your heart on the box. If you want to show your love to your friends, you can choose a packaging box with a friendship theme, where each lipstick is unique and each lipstick box can be customized.

Lipstick packaging design tips include.

1. Graphic design.

We find that lipstick packaging of major brands have watermark designs. This era of innovation has greatly influenced printing and graphic design. The printing and design of any product can be mass produced. Watermarking makes the bags look very decent and soft, while the beautiful color scheme and nice texture will enhance the beauty of the bags. .

2. Cultural design.

Lipstick packaging should come in a variety of styles and the company should target and cater to customers of all styles and cultures. . Lipstick is an essential item in makeup. The packaging can be designed in a traditional way with some beautiful messages related to cultural occasions that are enough to fascinate lipstick lovers. .

3. Fashionable appearance.

Consumers of different age groups have different needs for lipsticks; girls in their student days like products with very stylish packaging. Again, unique packaging always looks attractive. Lipstick packaging comes in different shapes and sizes, and the color of the packaging can be the same as the color of the lipstick. This will make your brand more distinctive 4.

4. Environmental design.

Protecting the environment is becoming more and more important to customers. People prefer to buy environmentally friendly packaging products, and packaging materials play an important role in protecting the environment ...... Try to use environmentally friendly packaging materials to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

Lipstick packaging design tips.

1. To fully demonstrate the function of the product, show the style of the product, but also need to have artistic. Such a packaging design is successful and can leave a deep impression on consumers... The packaging design of high port red must be comparable to the nobility of the product, giving consumers a sense of beauty of the product. The packaging design of the evaluation lipstick should be meticulous and clever, giving a sense of good value and distinction.

2. It should not only be convenient for the transportation and storage of lipsticks, but also for the display and carrying of lipsticks in the terminal channels. The volume, capacity and form of lipstick packaging are varied, and the right shape should be chosen according to the characteristics of the product. While ensuring the hermeticity of the lipstick packaging, it should also ensure that it is easy for consumers to open when using it. 3.

3. In order to protect the product, the packaging material chosen must be environmentally friendly and will not cause any damage to the product. The production process of the lipstick should also be compatible with the physical and chemical properties of the packaged product in order to effectively ensure that the lipstick product is not damaged, deformed, deteriorated or leaked.

In conclusion, the packaging design and use of lipstick should ensure social effect, prevent unnecessary increase in packaging cost, reduce the burden of consumers, and perform well in saving social resources and not polluting the environment. In addition, a successful lipstick packaging design can effectively increase product sales and better attract consumers...


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