Professional production of waterproof transparent lip gloss

Professional production of waterproof transparent lip gloss

Environmental cosmetics manufacturer – Thincen Group


Our main products including: lipstick, lip Gloss, lip pencil, eyeshadow palette, eyebrow pomade, eyeliner pencil, blush, waterproof mascara, full coverage concealer, contour cosmetics, makeup kit, highlighter, foundation etc.

Product parameter:

1. Model: L1#2

2. Feature: comfortable

3. Feature: smooth/soft

4. Feature: not tight

5. Feature: not fade

6. Feature: not stick on cup

7. Feature: moisturizing

8. Feature: long lasting

9. Feature: cruelty free

10. Brand/ Logo: OEM/ODM

11. Package size: 1.9X1.9X11CM

12. Weight: 0.4kg

13. Feature: liquid

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Product picture

OEM/ODM Process


Generally, we will provide OEM/ODM service from two aspect: one is cosmetic product, other one is packaging of cosmetic product. Kindly have a notice that: different quantity and material, such as formula, tube, bottle, palette is different, that’s meaning final price will be different, following is detailed process for you step by step:

1. Confirmation of formula

① Pls provide the samples to us firstly, to confirm that is the quality you want or not. (we will update makeup formula based on your feedback till you think the quality will be ok).

② If you already have own formula, pls also arrange a sample to us, and we will let our engineers to make same or similar formula for you.

2. Confirmation of material color

① The color sheets will be provided for you choose the colors.

② The makeup colors can be customized by your color samples / picture.

③ The products can be customized by any Pantone color.

Pls let us know which one you want to choose.


3: Confirmation of packaging.

Normally, our designer will design will different ideas of packaging printing area, finishes, coatings, decoration etc based on your needs.

① printing area can be customized, following photo for your reference:

② Printing area of paper box will be customized, following photo for your reference:


4: The second confirmation of sample and packaging will be finished before mass production, in order to make sure everything is perfect (formula, colors, packaging material, printing of packaging etc.)


5. Mass production will be arranged after received the deposit.

Once we receive the first deposit of the order. We will arrange mass production.


6. Delivery time

Mass production time is around 15-60 working days (depends on which product and quantity.)

Our factory


 How to work with us





1. Q: If we cooperate with your company, will you keep our business information such as brand logo purchase quantity and other business information confidential?

    A: Yes, we will strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement between the two parties, which is also our service principle all the time 

2. Q: If we cooperate with your company, will you sign a confidentiality agreement for the information of our cosmetic products, such as ingredients, colors, and formulas?

    A: Yes, we will actively sign a confidentiality agreement for cooperation between the two parties according to customer requirements and wishes, and actively protect all customer product information.

3. Q: Could you print my brand/ logo as my request?

    A: Yes, we provide service of OEM and ODM, including printing brand logo, pattern, company name, telephone number etc based on your requirement. Pls feel free to let us know your real needs.

4. Q: Can you produce new cosmetic product?

   A: Yes, we have a professional R&D department, and we will provide you with the most perfect makeup products through professional knowledge.

5. Q: Do you test on animals?

    A: No, our products are 100% cruelty-free. We never test products on animals. 

6. Q: The raw material is environmental?

    A: Yes, our cosmetics products are vegan, 100% environmental, paraben free

7. Q: If got broken powders in my products. What should I do?

    A: Generally, broken rate from 1%-3% is normal, if it is over than 3%, please send pictures in time, we will compensate at your next order.

8. Q: Can we visit your factory?

    A: Yes, warmly welcome your visiting at any time. 

9. Q: What’s your central competitive power?

    A: OEM and ODM service.

   The powerful ability of R&D.

   The first-class level of quality management.

   Respond to customer efficiently.

   High standards laboratory.

   Well-organized packaging line.

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