Do you really know about eye shadow? This dry goods will take you to fully grasp

February 10, 2022

Eye shadow always turns into a lump? Don't know how to match and blend? More swollen eyes? It doesn't matter, this article brings you full of dry goods and eye shadow matching skills, let's read it together!

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Eye shadow always turns into a lump? Don't know how to match and blend? More swollen eyes? It doesn't matter, this article brings you full of dry goods and eye shadow matching skills, let's read it together!

Eye shadow can deepen the depth of the eyes, define a person's makeup style, and is also an indispensable part of makeup. There is a big difference between being good and good. Good-looking and clean eye makeup can add a lot to your overall image, creating an atmosphere of pure desire or Europe and America. If you don't smudge it properly or choose the wrong color, you will accidentally become a social death scene and directly become a "spiritual girl" in the eyes of others~ Therefore, the overall tone of eye makeup is very important.

There are too many eyeshadow palettes, and it is easy to step on the thunder if you buy them from a beauty blogger or a small book style. So the ocean of white flowers is lost a lot~ Today, I will teach you some tips for eyeshadow selection and color matching skills~ If you don't know much about this, you can follow me and continue to read!

Part1 classification of eye shadow

Eye shadow is the use of color and shadow to make the eyes more three-dimensional and tension, and add color to the makeup. The eye shadows that are usually seen are made of natural mineral raw materials, and the colors are very diverse. At present, in addition to the most common powder eye shadows, there are also cream, liquid, pencil, etc. forms of eye shadows. There are many types for girls to choose from!

In addition to the variety of colors, powder eye shadows are basically divided into three categories in terms of texture: pearlescent, matte, and sequins. The selection and use of these are more important. Powder eye shadows are dry, easy to color, and long-lasting makeup. It is more suitable for girls with normal to oily skin. It should be noted here that girls with swollen eyes must carefully choose eye shadows such as pearls and sequins, and do not "swell on top of swelling"~ Opt for a matte eye shadow to achieve the effect of invisible swelling.

Pearlescent fine glitter can be boldly tried and embellished in the middle of the eyelids to make the eyes look more beautiful and energetic. In daily use, it can also be placed under the lying silkworm for brightening, which visually makes the eyes look large; it looks like a large particle of metal sequins , you must pay attention to the scope of use. You can also apply a small amount in the middle of the eyelids to make the eyes look more shiny and moving~ Highlight the key points of eye makeup!

In addition, in recent years, cream, pencil, and liquid eye shadows have gradually appeared in the public eye. Cream eye shadows mainly create a transparent and natural look. They are generally applied directly, which is more convenient than powder eye shadows, and the paste shape is much more moisturizing than powder eye shadows, so it is more suitable for girls with dry skin and mixed dry skin. use.

But at the same time, the disadvantage is also because of the moisturizing degree, easy to remove makeup, weak color rendering, need to stack multiple times, once the dosage is not well controlled, it will form obvious product lines on the folds of the double eyelid, making the makeup look very dirty, and If you are a girl with more dry eye lines, the lines will be more obvious in a short time, so you must control the amount of creamy eye shadow.

Liquid eye shadows are generally relatively large sequins or fine flashes, with strong luster and fluidity. Generally, they are only used as embellishments on the top of the eyes, in the eyes or lying silkworms, and are not used in large areas. The above are the textures and characteristics of different eye shadows. You can compare and choose according to your skin type and hobbies, to ensure that you will avoid detours on the road of choosing eye shadows.

Part2 eye shadow color matching method

The color matching of eye shadow is very particular. In fact, it is mainly divided into shadow color, bright color and accent color. There are also cool colors and warm colors. Shadow color, as the name suggests, is also called astringent color. It is usually applied to the end of the eye to make it darker. The main function is to reduce swelling of the eyes and enhance the sense of shadow around the eyes. This color generally includes dark gray and dark brown, which are relatively heavy. s color.

The bright color, also called the highlight color, is the opposite of the shadow color. It is painted in the middle of the eyes to highlight the volume of the eyes. It is the brightest part of the entire eye makeup and complements the shadow color to form the atmosphere of the entire eye makeup. It is the so-called base color, light beige, light pink, light orange, cream apricot, etc. are all bright colors; the color of the accent color is more free, and tends to stand out and attract the attention of others, so it is not limited to any color tone However, in order to conform to the public aesthetics, the choice of accent color should be coordinated with your own clothing and lip color. The accent color of the cool color will give people a cool and unique feeling; the warm color will make people feel warm and enchanting. charming.

Because Asian girls have warm skin tones, using eye shadows with cool colors such as blue and green will look abrupt, unusual, and easy to roll over. Therefore, warmer colors such as orange, earth, and warm red are generally used to create eye makeup to achieve the effect of naturally enlarging the eyes.

Part3 How to draw eye makeup with different eye shapes

Different eye shapes have different ways of drawing eye shadows. Like eyes with raised corners of the eyes, the whole person will appear more "powerful" and the eyes are sharp. When painting eye shadow, you can use some milder colors, just use a warmer color, use a medium fluffy eye shadow brush, dip in light Beige/brown eye shadows are used to tile the eye sockets in a large area. At the same time, dark brown eye shadows can be used to outline the inner and outer eyeliners, and the entire eye contour can be smudged to look soft and energetic, and at the same time enlarge the eyes~

For girls with wide eye spacing, the shadow at the root of the mountain should keep up with the eye distance visually; on the contrary, for girls with narrow eye spacing, the shadow of the root should be lightly applied, and at the same time move the shadow position appropriately, and then continue to use liquid eye shadow Or highlight powder to brighten the eyes and relax the distance between the eyes.

Girls with single eyelids and small inner eyes don’t have to be afraid. The ghost heroine, Jin Gaoyin, is a good example. You can see that her eye shadow can effectively enlarge the eyes, and the earthy light brown is used as a primer for the eyelids, which is effective for the eye area. "Reduce swelling", the same color is dark brown to deepen the end of the eye, and then use the brown eyeliner to pull out the natural slender eyeliner, with the help of eyelashes, lying silkworms, etc., the eyes look deep and energetic, and the girl with the same eyelid can get this kind of transformation. Law!

Part4 selection of eye shadow brush tool

Eye shadow tools are generally the following. First of all, it is used as an eye primer. Generally, this large smudge brush is used. It is fluffy and soft, and can quickly and evenly spread the base color all over the eye socket without mottled. To deepen the shadow color, use a medium-sized eye shadow brush and a detailed eye shadow brush to deepen the end of the eye and the head of the eye, bring the lower eyelid, and control the smudge range at the same time, and the overall light and dark volume is initially completed.

For the details, use a small and firm brush to deepen the end of the eye, the lower eyelid and the front of the eye to highlight the layering of the shadow; if you want to brighten the eye, you can use your hand or a small eye shadow brush, and lightly apply it in the middle of the eyelid, In this way, the overall volume of the eye shadow will come out~ The perfect eye shadow, tools are essential! Choose the one that suits you best~


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