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February 14, 2022

The eye shadow is drawn like a sketch, using bright colors to express the protruding parts and dark colors to express the concave parts, so as to naturally show the convex and concave relationship between the eyes, the brow bone and the nose bone.

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1. Gradient eye shadow, that is, the upper and lower structure eye shadow painting method, use matte white eye shadow to make a large area on the eyelid, choose light brown eye shadow to paint on the eyelid close to two-thirds of the eyelashes, and then smudge it open. Dip in dark brown eyeshadow and use a spot booster brush to apply color close to the root of the lashes.

2. The segmented smear method can show the jumping color and the bright rhythm, which is richer than the gradient method. The back eyeshadow is darker and the front eyeshadow is lighter. Or the front and back eye shadows are darker, and the middle is the lightest. If the color contrast between the front and back is strong, it will highlight the gorgeous makeup effect.

3. The flat coating method is a makeup technique that applies a single-color eyeshadow evenly on the eyelid. The light color flat coating can make people look very simple and young; dark color flat coating can make people appear straightforward and fashionable.

Method tips:

1. Use light pink as the base, you can use light color on a large area, if the base color is glitter, you can also use it on a large area to increase the overall sparkle of the makeup.

2. Spread the eyeliner color at the end of the eye, and control it by yourself.

3. Use the transition color to smudge the edge of the eyeliner color, and then use the base color to smudge the edge of the transition color. If the light color on the plate looks good, you can also use the light color to smudge the edge of the transition color to highlight the light color you like.

4. Draw the upper eyeliner. Here, according to personal habits, it is no problem to draw the eyeliner after all the eyeshadow is drawn.

5. The eyeliner color brings out the lower eye shadow, and forms a slanted arc with the finishing stroke of the upper eye shadow.

6. Finally, apply mascara.

To apply eye shadow, you need to use an eye shadow brush, eye shadow.


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