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February 24, 2022

Thincen is a one-stop cosmetic processing service company that has processed and produced many makeup series, such as eye shadows, for many brand customers. Eye shadow is an essential feature of cosmetic products, through the deployment of color and shadow to make the eyes more three-dimensional, more evocative, so that the whole face charming and moving.

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Thincen is a one-stop cosmetic processing service company. It has processed and produced many make-up series, such as eye shadow products, for many brand customers. Eye shadow is an essential product in cosmetics. Through the combination of color and shadow, the eyes are more three-dimensional, more expressive, and the entire face is charming and moving.

The popular eyeshadow palettes on the market are generally from 6 to 12 colors, among which 9-color eyeshadow processing cases are the most. As shown in the picture, a 9-color eyeshadow palette produced by Thincen, this one is an earth-colored eyeshadow palette, suitable for daily light make-up.

The combination of 9 colors can meet the needs of most consumers in the market. Each eyeshadow palette can draw a style of make-up, and it is small, easy to carry, and travels long distances, just put it in your bag, and take it out when you require it.

(1) OEM production formula ingredients for eye shadow processing:

Eye shadow is a kind of make-up product, and the formula required for its production mostly contains mica, silica and other ingredients. Specific to the products of each brand, the formulas they use are different, and naturally there is still a little difference in the ratio and modulation. In fact, the raw materials of general products can be seen from the production packaging. Take Thincen Symphony Eyeshadow as an example to see what its ingredients are.

Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Silica, Nylon-12, Magnesium Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Isononyl Iononanoate, Diisostearyl Malate, Dimethicone, Poly Glycerin-2 Triisostearate, Pearl Powder, CI77499, CI177491, CI77492, CI77891, CI77742, CI142090, CI16035, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerol

(2) The production process and technology of eye shadow:

① Prepare the materials needed for production, and mix and prepare the desired color according to the formula ratio.

The raw materials generally include toner, filler, binder, calcium carbonate/magnesium carbonate, flavor, etc. The final production standard depends on the formula, which is only for reference here.

Raw formulations required to prepare cosmetic eye shadows

② Grinding and stirring

Mixing Mix and grind the powdered raw materials to very fine particles, then pour the ground and processed raw materials into a large blender, add an appropriate amount of oil and ester to form a lump (binder), and confirm the eye shadow after stirring. Whether the color of the powder is uniform, and whether the moderateness of the powder is sufficient.

Eye shadow body after grinding and stirring

③ Stacking pressure

Put the eye shadow tinplate into a groove on a metal plate, and the metal turntable sends the tinplate to the feeder containing the eye shadow raw materials, and loads the material into the tinplate.

The process of producing eye shadow through stacking and pressing.

In the pressing step, the machine presses the eye shadow on the tinplate, so that the eye shadow is not a loose powder after extrusion, and the second is to form a solid block.

 The extrusion process of eye shadow processing.

The eye shadow after extrusion processing is already solid.

④ Packaging

After the above steps are completed, it enters the packaging workshop with the assembly line, and the packaging workers carry out further packaging processing. It is probably these few steps, and the machines used by different manufacturers may be different, but the processing and production of eye shadow is almost like this.

The preliminary processing of eye shadow is completed, and it enters the packaging workshop with the cosmetic production line.

The eye shadow is packaged and processed, and the finished product is on the market.


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