How to start a cosmetic brand in the US?

March 04, 2022

The creation of a private label cosmetic brand him, the things that need attention in the early stages

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The first step is to give the product a name that matches the cosmetic product, which can refer to existing names on the market. Then take that name and register it as a trademark.

The process of registering a brand in the U.S.:Apply to the PTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office), which is responsible for trademark registration. Once the PTO receives an application for registration, it will conduct a formal examination to determine if it meets the basic requirements for trademark registration. If so, the PTO will issue date and notice to the applicant two months after the application is filed. If the requirements are not met, all materials, including the application fee, will be returned to the applicant. Examination Four months after the filing of the application, an examiner of the Patent and Trademark Office will examine and decide whether the mark is registerable. If it is not, the examiner will send a letter explaining the reasons for the return or any changes that need to be made. The applicant must receive a response or the application will be terminated. If the applicant's response cannot be sustained, the examiner will issue a final refusal letter. The applicant may appeal to the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board. Opposition If there is no refusal or if the applicant's response is reasonable, the mark will be printed in the trademark publication. The Patent and Trademark Office will notify the applicant of the publication date. The next 30 days is the opposition period. Certification If the application is based on prior actual use of the mark and no opposition is filed, the Patent and Trademark Office will issue a certificate of registration within 12 weeks of publication. If the application for trademark registration is based on the applicant's declaration that the trademark will be used in good faith, the PTO will issue a notice within 12 weeks.

The second step is to select the factory and choose the product. I am talking here about companies that do not have their R&D team. There are many OEM companies on the market. Their products are readily available. They only need to negotiate and cooperate and produce on their behalf. The company only needs to take care of branding. A better way.

THINCEN has been in the cosmetic and beauty industry for many years, from cosmetic research, development, manufacturing, and production to OEM/ODM/OBM brand processing.

As professionals in the cosmetics industry, we have a full range of cosmetic products. Our main products are lipstick, lip glosses, eye shadows, eyebrow products, foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, highlighters, brushes.

The third step is to do the packaging design. Since you want to create a brand, you have to pay attention to the product's packaging design. A good packaging design can make the product stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of consumers. Thus promoting sales.

The fourth step is brand promotion. More importantly, in this era, every product is trying to promote its brand. There are many channels for brand promotion, and startups must choose the right one. The cost is too high to bear, and a bad channel is a waste of money and time.

The fifth step is to establish a marketing channel. Now there are various channels. As far as I know, there are traditional supermarket channels, brand store channels, e-commerce channels, social media channels, etc. According to the brand positioning, you can choose the best sales channel.


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