What are the types of lipsticks?

March 10, 2022

Lipstick is a category of lip cosmetics, its main role is to give lip tint, emphasize or change the lip contour, showing more vitality and vitality.

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1. Lip Glaze

The lip gloss is a controlled liquid and it will have its own brush head. Its texture is viscous, bright in color, moisturizing and lustrous. The color saturation is lower than that of lipstick, but the coverage of the lip line is higher than that of lipstick, and the durability is high. Drinking water is not easy.

2. Lip gloss

In fact, lip gloss and lip glaze are relatively similar, and each has its own brush head. Enriched with a variety of high moisturizing oils and shimmering factors, it has a very shimmery effect on the lips. It contains less wax and color pigments, so the colors are not very vibrant. The texture is moisturizing, crystal clear, and makes your lips appear fuller after coloring.

3. Lip gloss

Lip gloss is also a relatively dense liquid. It's light in color and has a moisturizing effect on makeup. It can make lips appear crystal clear and are usually more suitable for a no-makeup look. However, its modification and color rendering ability is relatively poor, and it is easy to become blurred after makeup, so it is more suitable for use with lipstick.

4. Lipstick

Lipstick first appeared in the form of lipstick, which is creamy solid, easy to apply, easy to use, and has high color saturation and strong concealing power. But the moisturizing degree of this lipstick texture is not very good, but very general.

5. Lip Liner

Lip liner is a derivative of a solid lipstick. It is a solid lipstick in the form of a pen and is generally used to outline the lips and is used in conjunction with lipstick. The texture of this lipstick is more suitable for contouring the lips, and it is quick to use, but it is much drier than ordinary solid lipsticks, so it will take more time to use alone, and the lips will be dry.

6. Lip and cheek lipstick 

This lipstick can be used as both a brush and a lipstick. Most dual-use products on the market have three textures: paste, mousse, and water. Lipsticks like this are easier to carry around, and the makeup you paint will go the same color


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