The global color cosmetics market is growing steadily, and the market size is expected to exceed 100 billion US dollars

April 11, 2022

Under the background of "face value economy" and "face-seeing era", people's demand for cosmetics continues to increase. As a tool that can quickly enhance the appearance, make-up has also been quickly recognized by consumers. Innovation in cosmetics is endless. In 2021, the global color cosmetics market will reach US$93 billion. At present, facial makeup is the largest makeup market, and L'Oreal Group and Estee Lauder Group are the two giants in the global makeup market.

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1. The global cosmetics industry market size has exceeded 200 billion US dollars

The data shows that from 2012 to 2017, the compound annual growth rate of the global color cosmetics market was 5.4%. With the further improvement of the global consumption level and the increase in the demand for color cosmetics products, the size of the global color cosmetics market will continue to expand in the next five years. From 2018 to 2023, the average annual compound growth rate of the color cosmetics market is expected to be 8%, and the market size is expected to exceed 100 billion US dollars by 2022.

2. The market size of the global makeup industry has exceeded 70 billion US dollars

With the popularization of smartphones and various social and instant chat tools, the frequency of self-portrait and other consumer image display is getting higher and higher, and the importance of appearance has been raised to a new height; features. In 2019, the global color cosmetics market reached US$72.7 billion, accounting for about 14% of the global cosmetics market.

3. Take the lead in makeup

With the diversification of consumer demand, facial makeup products are gradually increasing, such as highlighter, contour, nose shadow, blush and so on. Facial makeup has the largest market share in the global makeup market, accounting for about 40%; followed by benefiting from the " lipstick benefits", lip makeup accounts for 29% of the market share; eye makeup accounts for about 24%.

4. L’Oreal and Estee Lauder are the two biggest makeup giants

L'Oreal Group and Estee Lauder Group are the two giants in the global color cosmetics market. L'Oreal Group's brands include Saint Laurent, Armani, L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline, etc.; Estee Lauder Group's brands include Aquamarine, Estee Lauder, Barbie Brown, etc.

Outlook estimates its market share based on L'Oreal Group and Estee Lauder Group's beauty business revenue and global color cosmetics market size. In 2019, L'Oreal Group accounted for 9.13% of the global color cosmetics market, and Estee Lauder Group accounted for 8.61%. market share.

5. The innovation of make-up products emerges one after another

In the color cosmetics industry, only excellent R&D can produce products with high quality, good efficacy and reassuring consumers. Second, consumer demand changes rapidly. If you want to lead the industry, you should occupy the forefront of the market in a timely manner and create popular products that conform to consumer trends.

In recent years, the R&D and innovation of major color cosmetics products have emerged one after another. For example, Dior broke the specific use of liquid foundation and launched a spray foundation; Meco broke the setting of traditional liquid eyeliner and launched a roller eyeliner; Lancome catered to the personality of consumers. To meet the demand, we have introduced custom liquid foundations and more.

In addition, when major brands choose makeup products, they also pay attention to consumers' pursuit of skin-nourishing effects. Therefore, in recent years, most of the international famous brands have launched foundations with nourishing functions such as moisturizing and repairing. Representative products include Bobbi Bolang Cordyceps Foundation, Lamb Mystery Luang Glowing Foundation, ysl Anti-Aging Foundation, Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation, Covermark Nourishing Foundation, etc.

Summary of Global Key Makeup Black Technology Products

In the short term, the outbreak of the global epidemic has affected the color cosmetics market to a certain extent. In the long run, however, the economic trends in beauty value are clear. As a consumer product that can quickly increase the value of beauty, color cosmetics will become more valuable, and the global color cosmetics market will continue to grow. expansion. As a beauty brand company established for 11 years, OEM and ODM, Thincen integrates R&D, production and sales. Its products are sold to more than 50 countries around the world, providing one-stop service for enterprises and individuals, which is trustworthy


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