These 5 Lipstick Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

April 22, 2022

In a blink of an eye, I have reached the age of being a parent, but facing my parents, I still hope to be an obedient, attentive, and filial child, and bring some gifts to my parents during my time in China, even if it is a small gift for the New Year. It is also enough for them to show off in front of others and feel happy from the bottom of their hearts.

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Sometimes I think I want my mom to be like all parents, stylish, dignified, happy in her old age, traveling freely, drinking tea, and chatting with her family.

But in fact, my mother's life is still inseparable from bread and food. Buying too expensive gifts can also blame us for spending money. So today, Xiaobian recommends 4 lipsticks that are suitable for mothers. It's cheap and easy to use.

There are about 4 elements in sending mother lipstick:

The color should not be too bright or too dark, the more dignified the better.

A lipstick that can be applied even without makeup.

A lipstick that doesn't stick easily.

The lip liner has better coverage.

Regarding the choice of color, it is recommended to choose some conservative bean paste and dark brown lipsticks. On the other hand, it is perfect for everyday use and is suitable for mothers.

One: Estee Lauder #420

A famous color number, the first choice for holiday mothers, is very dignified and stable, and it can also enhance the complexion. The point is that this lipstick doesn't smudge the skin or age, even if you're busy every day without makeup. Very beautiful, the mothers' paintings are not obtrusive at all, very everyday colors.

Two: Givenchy #105

This lipstick is very upscale and delicious as a gift. The texture is smooth. It is very smooth on application and does not dry out at all. These days are perfect for changing seasons. The color is a little pink, which is more suitable for young mothers, but the only disadvantage is that it is a little pink.

Three: TF Black Tube Lipstick #08 Velvet Cherry Cherry

This lipstick is rather conservative. No matter the festival, occasion, or age, you can't go wrong with this lipstick. The color is cherry, very aura, very feminine.

Four: Armani chubby #506

This lipstick is very girly and has a reddish tint, but this lipstick looks good on mom’s lips. The key is that the color rendering and saturation are super high.

What gifts do you usually get on Mother's Day? Mother's Day is coming, what gift are you going to give your mother? Whether it is a gift or not, there must be some blessings that day, even if it is a phone call or a text message!


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