Which company has best eyeshadow?

May 20, 2022
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Introduction of eye shadow

Eyeshadow is used to apply makeup around the eye area for a three-dimensional effect of color and shadow. Eyeshadows come in a variety of shades of powder, stick, cream, shape and pencil.

The main function of eye shadow is to give the eyes a three-dimensional sense, and through the tension of color, the whole face becomes charming and moving.

Eyeshadow is only one part of makeup, but it can also be seen throughout fashion.

How to see eye shadow?

The drawing method of eye shadow draws on the general trend of eye shadow, extending diagonally above the eyes, making the eye makeup more charming. Extend the eye shadow to the temples, and choose pearl white eye shadow to embellish the inside of the lower eye to brighten the eyes. Apply powder on the lids before applying eyeshadow to make eyeshadow more pigmented and longer lasting.

Thincen is a private label eyeshadow palette manufacturer offering a wide range of eyeshadow products, hot selling DIY eyeshadow palettes to choose colors to create palettes, loose powder neon eyeshadows to glow in the dark. Multi-color eye shadow can change color according to sunlight etc. OEM/ODM orders can customize eyeshadow color, packaging, formula. Choose from a variety of matte glitter glitter colors.


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