Private Label Eyeshadow Palette Maker

June 14, 2022
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The biggest issue to consider when thinking about starting your own private cosmetic line is the supplier. At Thincen Cosmetics, we offer a variety of services, including private label, label-free and full custom production, all at affordable prices.Thincen Cosmetics prides itself on producing high-quality formulations, trend-setting products and attractive merchandising to help our partners build their own brands.Thincen's private label division of this brand offers its services to makeup artists, salons, spas, estheticians or anyone looking to launch a brand or makeup line with a full line of quality cosmetics.

In addition to American-made cosmetic palettes, Thincen Cosmetics offers a wide range of other private label makeup and skin care products. Depending on your custom needs, the manufacturer can customize branded products, brushes, packaging, makeup cases and/or packaging units. When purchasing a custom makeup kit, private label suppliers may suggest formulations designed for everyday use or a more fierce look for going out or pairing with an outfit. By using a variety of variations and combinations, as well as applying custom labels or embellishments, you can usually find a satisfying custom look.

If you want the option of more easily customizing your own eyeshadow palette or blush without having to deal with the clutter associated with warehouses, there are many brands that let you do exactly that. Of course, if you're really interested in the idea of customizing your own palette (or if you just want to combine a few pieces of makeup), you can always pack products in magnetically sealed palettes like the Z-Palette. for a more minimalist option, Surratt Beauty offers a palette that can hold 2 to 6 eyeshadows, or 2 to 3 blushes. The look of the empty magnetic eyeshadow palette can be customized to fit your eyeshadow theme, such as a brown box for earth tones and a pink box that is better suited for lighter shades.

For all Narsissists, the iconic brand now offers a range of customizable palettes that you can fill with your choice of coveted eyeshadow, blush, finishing powder and bronzer palettes. Many private label cosmetic suppliers will even offer free images of their own branded products, like the one below courtesy of Nardos Naturals.

You choose the cosmetics and color range you are interested in, plus the ingredients from the supplier's library, and the private label cosmetic manufacturer will manufacture, fill and label your custom beauty products in the colors you want. Before placing an order for your products, you must also decide how to store your cosmetics and deliver them to your customers once they have placed their orders.

Start-up costs are lower because you won't have to invest in R&D because we, as your private label company, have developed and tested all the products.


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