Which Company Eyeliner Is Best?

June 16, 2022
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Here, check out the Bazaars verdict on the best eyeliners for any look, from an unexpectedly shiny liquid pencil to the most durable gel. From liquid to gel and pencil, today, so many different types of eyeliner are available on shelves, and each delivers an entirely different outcome. Choose between liquid, gel, pencil, or felt tip eyeliners, with felt tip liner emerging as the clear choice for anyone who is just starting out in the eyeliner game.


The pencil-like liners are a winner if you are not comfortable carrying around individual brushes for applying gel eyeliners. Not everyone is all about liquid liners, however, and a really good pencil-like liner can achieve just about any look you would want. With a good eyeliner and some practice, you can achieve that perfect cateye look, or just about any lining you desire.


If you are already good at the eye game, opt for a higher-end liquid eyeliner to achieve that final dramatic look. This product is ideal for anyone with eyes that are geared towards the ultimate eyeliner, thatll last firmly in your eyes, even after a long days work.


Perfect to wear on its own or in combination with a favourite mascara, a great eyeliner gives a big boost to the area around the eyes. If you like the strong look of your eyes, but you are not yet proficient in your technique, let The Best Eyeliners For Beginners simplify your life.


You can then apply the eyeliner in various ways so that almond eyes appear rounder, round eyes look more defined, down eyes appear lifted, etc. If you are a novice, then start with pencil and gel eyeliners. Ranging from gels, liquids, felt tip and penciled eyeliners, LOreals eyeliners are a must-have for long-lasting, non-smudgey looks. Maybellines Hyper Easy Liquid Pen No-Skip Eyeliner $7 $10 Now 30% Off $7 Even makeup artist Carrol Rodriguez loves this for her hooded eyes, it dries down to a satiny finish, has a super-fine tip, and gives you incredible control. Wing Liner is the best liquid-pen eyeliner, which comes with a flexible-tip applicator that helps you achieve a precise cat-eye look.


It is smudge-proof, and the dry-down time is fast, meaning that your eyeliner lasts the whole day and does not crease. The Japanese Eyeliner has a brush tip, which is great for creating a seamless line, and the colour is ultra-black, drying down to a slightly glittery finish. MOST POPULAR Sephora Lancome Drama-Liquid Eyeliner Buy on Sephora This long-wearing pencil is the unicorn of the makeup world: It offers the convenience of pencils (meaning that it does not dry out too fast), but the pigment is so strong it has a liquid-like effect, says Nick Barose, celebrity make-up artist. NYX Epic Ink Liner Best Affordable Liquid Eyeliner With a paintbrush-like tip, the NYX Epic Ink Liner goes on smoothly as butter and keeps the pigment locked on all day; it is actually the most impressive of all liners, both for its application and its precision.


Unlike the slightly stiff tips on the Stila Stay All Day and Tarteist Double Take liners, the Epic Ink Liners tip is more of a pliable paintbrush, lending itself to a buttery-smooth, almost foolproof application -- it is incredibly simple to apply, making it the best liquid eyeliner for beginners. Girl Fine Line Eyeliner, Emerald $6 If standard wings seem too predictable, you could always try out a colored eyeliner, such as this L.A. Girl Fine Line Eyeliner, Emerald. Covergirl Get In Line Liquid Eyeliner $8 $8 If you can do the wing in a dream, you are ready to upgrade to this liner, which Rodrigues recommends for experienced users. s best eyeliner stays as long as it needs to, looks gorgeous, has a deep pigmentation, flawless, even coverage, and comes off without much fuss.


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