How Do You Make Your Own Lip Mask?

June 20, 2022
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This DIY Honey Lip Mask contains the best of honey and coconut oil for treating dry, dehydrated lips. Some people prefer applying coconut oil a bit after using a mask, but it is completely up to you. I tend to use these face masks while taking a bath, so if I leave a glass bowl sitting in hot water for a couple of minutes, then your coconut oil will have formulated into a great texture to put on the lips. 

You can allow it to sit in there for two or three minutes, allowing the coconut oil to moisturize and help to soften the dead skin, then start to pat my dry lips. Mix one teaspoon of raw sugar with coconut/olive oil, then rub your lips with this to remove the dead skin. The sugar added will help gently rub off any dry or dead skin that you have on your lips, while the added oils will provide some moisture so that your lips shine. 

The oils also help in keeping your skin moisturized and are therefore the best ingredients for dealing with dry lips. It contains Safflower Seed Oil for sealing the moisture, Shea Butter for hydration and hydration, as well as Sunflower and Rosemary Leaf Extracts for protecting the lips against elements. Coconut is not just a moisturizer, it keeps your skin hydrated, but according to scientific studies, this ingredient will keep your lips germ-free. 

Lemon is a natural exfoliator, so it makes sense it could be a perfect ingredient to use in DIY lip scrubs for scuffed-up lips. Yogurt is added to this lip scrub as it contains lactic acid, which may aid in removing dead skin cells. For the mixture, we are going to use pomegranate juice, and preferably one that does not have added sugar. Once you have got your ingredients mixed up in a little bowl, the only thing left is finding a great container to fit your DIY lip mask into. 

This DIY lip mask blends all these ingredients, as well as brown sugar, to make a cleansing, but moisturizing, mask that you will love. This lip mask blends Shea Butter and Beeswax to create a moisturizing substance that leaves you with softer, more plump lips. You can make moisturizing and exfoliating lip masks using natural ingredients such as honey, brown sugar, olive oil, yogurt, aloe vera, cacao, vaseline, etc. Applying these will help protect your lips from harsh weather, UV rays, and aging effects. Vitamin E oil is a great addition to your lip masks as it contains antioxidants and fatty acids which will protect your lips and give them that extra layer of moisture. 

Using one teaspoon of honey, olive oil, or coconut oil, which sets a temperature, but melts on the lips, will provide a calming, luxurious feeling to your lip mask, so we suggest starting with one or both. Using them as liquids will make it easier to make sure that the other ingredients are completely blended but once blended, you can throw your entire lip mask into the fridge to set so that you will have a smooth, spreading product. Then, when you take off the plastic after 15 minutes, you can pat down the mixture to make it work double duty as a moisturizer and scrub. This is a simple sugar-coconut oil lip scrub, but unlike many scrubs, this one does not have honey in it. 

Anyway, simply let yogurt, honey, and oils (coconut, olive, or jojoba) do their thing, or wrap the lips with plastic wrap to trap in moisture and get a quick cleanup. 


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