How to find a more reliable cosmetic manufacturer and what to look for

July 19, 2022
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There are currently many OEM factories in China, especially in Guangdong Province. The supply chain of cosmetic factories here is relatively mature, but they vary in size. So how do you find a more reliable one among the many foundry factories? Here are three points for reference.' The advice.

First, look at the number of years the cosmetic foundry has been in business. We must give priority to those that have been in business for a long time. We are talking about long here. Our measure is at least 6 years. Because a cosmetic factory is something that focuses more on historical heritage and time deposits, without a certain period of polishing and experience, there are various imperfections in it. Whether from the perspective of production capacity or the perspective of customer service capability, it is difficult to ensure stable cooperation with customers. Of course, this is not to criticize those young cosmetic factories, nor is it absolute, as far as the industry is concerned, this is the case in general.

Secondly, ask the foundry whether there is a national makeup special word approval. Because with a little knowledge, you will understand and review whether the cosmetic factory holds a special national cosmetic word approval because not all OEMs have it and need the approval of the State Food and Drug Administration to produce it. If there is a factory that can produce special cosmetics, there is certainly no problem in producing ordinary cosmetics. However, if only one factory is qualified to produce ordinary cosmetics, it may not be able to do anything in terms of producing special cosmetics. Of course, when choosing a factory, it is best to find a factory that suits your needs.

Third, look at whether the factory has its brand. A powerful cosmetic factory must have a strong team behind it. Most of the powerful people will seek to maximize their profits, and cosmetics belong to the manufacturing industry, and the meager profits obviously cannot meet the needs of the powerful group. Therefore, it is very common for cosmetic factories to become their brand... A factory that can make its brand with its formula is more reliable. If the private label is not effective, the factory will not be able to stand on its own. It is worth learning that a strong brand dares to be the factory's spokesperson and experimental stone.

After the above selection, I believe there will be a reliable cosmetic OEM factory, and the next step is further contact and bonding. Only when mutual understanding and trust are established, the subsequent cooperation will be more pleasant and safe.


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