Understanding the difference between eyeliner and eyeliner gel pencil

August 03, 2022

Wearing eyeliner will make our eyes look more attractive and radiant. Of course, eyeliner is a necessity in the life of many girls. Here we share the difference between eyeliner pencils and eyeliner gel pencil

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A. The difference between eyeliner gel pencil and eyeliner pencil

1, the material of the eyeliner pen is a flowing liquid, eyeliner gel pen is a milky white solid.

2, the tip because the material is different so the tip of the eyeliner pen is very fine, easy to control the amount of eyeliner. And eyeliner gel pen because it is creamy so the tip will be thicker, of course, if you have to say it can be sharpened very fine is no problem.

3, the use of materials to determine the pen tip, the pen tip to determine the use of the situation. Eyeliner pen because the tip is fine, use it to draw the end of the eye, which is good for controlling the subtle rotation of the eye. The eyeliner gel pen is more suitable for false implantation at the base of the eyelashes because it is creamy and will be smooth.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of eyeliner gel pen and eyeliner pen

Eyeliner pencil

The advantages are

1, soft pencil body, good control, a good introduction for beginners.

2, the line is natural, the edge is not stiff, not raw, and can be drawn according to the technique of different shades, and thickness.

3, The line is better modified, you can also use a cotton swab to dip the end of the eye and the lower eyeliner.

4、The most colorful and good to buy, can be used as eye shadow, or decorate the end of the eye.


1, the pencil tip is thicker, and the ability to handle details is slightly weaker.

2, the tip of the pen is easy to wear, needs to sharpen, and the pencil is soft and easy to break.

Advantages of eyeliner pen

1, all aspects of performance are more balanced, high color, fast drying, and durable anti-smudge can meet the needs of most girls.

2, the nib is soft and hard, easy to draw, suitable for drawing various shapes of eyeliner, skilled people can "once formed".

3, the tip of the pen is delicate, suitable for handling a variety of details.


1, the line is not easy to modify, repeated overlap instead of easy to lose color.

2, the edge is very clear, not suitable for drawing exaggerated external eyeliner, when the eyes are bland, not with a good eye shadow will also be easy to appear hard lines.

3, high color saturation, a careless will show abrupt, heavy makeup.

4、The shelf life after opening is not long, it is easier to dry and breakwater.

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