What is beauty makeup?

September 06, 2022

The concept of beauty uses cosmetics and tools to render, draw and organize parts of the face, facial features, etc., through steps and techniques that conform to the rules, so as to enhance the three-dimensional sense, adjust the shape, hide defects, and express one's own beauty, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty.

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Here are the makeup steps:

Cleansing: Thoroughly cleanse the skin with an effective cleanser (face wash)

2 Skin care: Apply skin care products (Mefidel sea buckthorn toner or toner, face cream, eye cream, etc.)

3. Decorative foundation: apply evenly, pay attention to the eye area, apply evenly on the junction of the hair and forehead, give the face a three-dimensional effect, and show the difference between light and shade (liquid foundation)

4 Concealer: Use a small brush to lightly apply on and around blemishes (concealer or liquid concealer)

5. Setting makeup: Use the puff to puff the powder on the face, but do not rub it back and forth on the makeup surface, it will damage the foundation. The key to preventing foundation shedding is around the nose, lips, and eyes. These areas should be carefully set makeup. Finally, use a dusting brush to brush off the excess setting powder, and the movements should be light to avoid damage to the makeup. Makeup should be firm and powder applied evenly. You can reapply several times (powder) on the areas that are prone to makeup

6. Eyebrow trimming: trim eyebrows with eyebrow pliers and eyebrow scissors after drawing (eyebrow pencil or eyebrow brush, eyebrow powder)

7 Eye makeup: Eye shadow: Pay attention to the transition of color, such as pink eye shadow, first apply a layer of light powder on the entire eye socket, and then deepen it near the eyelashes. Dust with a layer of white powder. Can achieve the effect of highlighting the three-dimensional effect; eyeliner: draw eyeliner, close your eyes, gently push the upper eyelid with one hand, so that the roots of the upper eyelashes are fully exposed, draw with eyeliner, when drawing the lower eyelashes, lift your head and draw the corner of the eye from the outside to the end of the eyelashes. Inner corner of the eye; eyelashes: Roll up the eyelashes and look down, clip the eyelash curler at the root of the eyelashes, so that the eyelash curler matches the curvature of the eyelid, loosen the clipped eyelashes for about 5 seconds, do not move the clip. Do it 1-2 times in a row, keep the curvature fixed, use the eyelash curler in the middle of the eyelashes, follow the upward trend of the eyelashes, release it after about 5 seconds, and finally use the eyelash curler on the front eyelashes and then clamp the end of the eyelashes for 2-3 seconds , to create a natural curvature (eye shadow, eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, mascara).

8. Apply lip gloss: apply the lip gloss in the middle of the lips and close the lips for a while, the effect will be better (lip gloss)


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