How to find the best cosmetics contract manufacturer?

September 23, 2022

Besides Alibaba OEM, there are many B2B platforms for cosmetic OEMs, but they are confused about finding cosmetic factories. This is because cosmetic manufacturers, as system manufacturers, are not as transparent and clear as makeup products. Especially in the marketing field, merchants have less market in the back end of the cosmetic supply chain due to the lack of information.

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Imagine being a professional cosmetic factory where operators are looking for a slightly confusing and persistent expression on Ali and Google every day. We still need to have a conversation about how to find a reliable cosmetics factory.

Finding a trustworthy cosmetic factory will undoubtedly be an important task in approaching brand success. So, what are the characteristics of these medium cosmetic factories? Here are 3 references and suggestions for you.

First. Cosmetics factories have a long operating cycle. The minimum standard here is said to be 8 years or more. Cosmetic factories pay more attention to historical legacy. A cosmetic factory without a time sink must have various imperfections. This is also the fuse for poor future development. Production capability, customer service capability, and various cooperative guarantee systems are difficult to guarantee without going through the faction of the time. Young cosmetic factories are attacking the city here, not unintentionally, but as far as the whole industry is concerned, this is indeed a fact.

Second: to have a few national makeups special words. A little bit of cultivation will check whether the cosmetics factory has a national makeup syndrome. Frankly speaking, apart from the traditional standards of large factories, you may not know that the production of efficacious products requires the approval of the State Food and Drug Administration before they can be produced, that is, the approval of the special character of national makeup. Not all factories have this special certificate. This is a good reliance for the factory. Choosing a cosmetic factory with a special certificate qualification as a partner can reduce a lot of worries. Special cosmetic factories can produce, so there is no problem to produce ordinary non-special cosmetic products, only that non-special cosmetic production factories may specialize in non-special, not special. A cosmetic brand OEM must consider its product line in the long run. It can be said that the layout of specialty cosmetics is a stage that cosmetic brands must go through. It will be smooth and smooth. If you rush to find a new special certificate manufacturer, you will undoubtedly add new troubles.

Third: Find an independent brand. Behind a strong cosmetic factory, there must be a strong supportive team. Most powerful people are looking for maximum profit. Cosmetics is a manufacturing industry. Its weak profits obviously do not satisfy the need for power. Therefore, it is quite common for cosmetic factories to make their brands. It is very reliable. While they are not necessarily good at marketing and branding, branding is an intangible asset anyway, and it exists through word of mouth. If they get bad feedback on their brand, the factory can't stand on its own. The strong brand that dares to be the face of the factory and the experimental stone is worth learning.

After the previous screening, the basic reliable factory is found. Finally, it is worth noting that when factories cooperate, they also go through a phase of mutual integration. If necessary, you should also do a visit to the factory to understand the specific situation. Only by establishing mutual understanding and trust, the subsequent cooperation will be smoother and more pleasant.


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